Making music is such a soul-craft. It can make anywhere or anyone feel at home.

Jet Taylor is a singer-songwriter indie artist who lives and creates in Nashville, TN.  Blackbird Sees is her debut album released in 2017. Jet began writing poetry in 2008 and several years later, her guitar teacher asked if she had ever tried to write a song. The answer was “No!”  The next week, Jet put one of her poems to music, and the wildfire of songwriting began blazing through her life!  She has spent many years living in different parts of the country and gets inspiration from the physical and musical landscapes she has found there.

She loves to tell stories through her music about the interesting people and experiences she has encountered along the way.  Jet prefers to write across genres and “lets a song be whatever it wants to be.”  She is eternally grateful for the gift of making music and hopes that it brings some, “toe-tapping, hip-shaking smiles, and maybe a few needed tears” to those who find her art meaningful.