Dedication:  I would like to dedicate this album, Blackbird Sees, to Sydna Kay Taylor.  Your love of music and singing filled my childhood with magic and possibility.


Angel:  Once in a while an angel comes along that changes the course of your life.  Thank you, Ashley Williams, for fanning the flames of my muses and bringing forth songwriting!! 


Another Angel:  Thank you Greg Hicks for producing and playing on this album. Your talent and work ethic are amazing.  I learned so much from you and had a great time doing it.


Cowriter:  Thank you Joe Tucibat for co-writing the title track Blackbird Sees.  Thank you for all the laughs and encouragement and Las Musicas!


The Musicians:  A Huge Thanks to Jon Conley, Tony Obrohta, Robert Stapleton, Ron Hutchens, Scott Saunders, Chris Benick, and Greg Hicks for your creative contributions. 


Photography:  Thank you Tobi Fishel and Chris Robb for your photos on the website.


The Goddesses:  Jenna, Tamara, Karen, Tobi, and Merrill – I felt your wings beneath me every step of the way!


Family:  Thanks, Lori Dawn, for your work and creativity on the website.  Thanks mom and dad for your endless enthusiasm.  Dad, thanks for telling me I could do anything I set my mind to.  I believed you!  Thanks Chris and James for supporting a dream over many long hours in the studio!  All my love.